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Smallwood Trust Impact Summary 2017

Smallwood Trust help women to overcome financial difficulties and improve their social and emotional well-being. In 2016 they developed a new strategic plan to provide targeted financial support, work with expert partners, and to fight economic injustice as it relates to gender. Their new report reveals the result of their first year of operating the plan.

2017 was the first operational year of the Smallwood Trust's new Strategic Plan, the aims of which are to:

  • Award increased funding across our programmes to help more women out of poverty;
  • Provide a range of targeted financial support that helps women to improve their economic circumstances; and
  • Build our monitoring and evaluation systems to enable the Trust to understand what works in improving financial resilience for women.

Highlights from 2017 include:

  • Increasing the number of beneficiaries through funded work and partnerships from 452 in 2016 to 1,410 in 2017;
  • Providing financial assistance directly to 419 women to help them overcome challenges and barriers such as ill-health, domestic abuse, bereavement, unemployment and poorly paid self-employment;
  • Funding to 12 project partners who are providing frontline services including skills, education and access to employment opportunities; and
  • Funding to two policy partners to help amplify issues such as making devolution work for women and how to tackle gendered poverty.

Read Smallwood Trust - Impact Summary 2017. Source: The Smallwood Trust