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Smallwood Trust Wins 'Managing Turnaround' category at Charity Governance Awards

Along with fellow nominees Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation and Citizens Advice Enfield, the Managing Turnaround category acknowledges a board that has directly contributed to the positive change in a charity’s future based on a clear strategy and sustainable plan.

Smallwood Trust Chief Executive Paul Carbury commented: "We are humbled to win as we are aware of all the other brilliant charities who have entered. This has given us a real boost and incentive to continue ensuring that we’re as effective and impactful as possible for women experiencing financial hardship." 

The awards website has a full assessment of the changes made and the reasons the charity won:

"Judges praised this charity’s approach to governance, which gave substantive and consistent consideration to beneficiaries. Led by the board, decisions were taken to properly apply the resources of the charity for its beneficiaries. The board took brave decisions in implementing comprehensive new structures and processes, which considerably aided the Smallwood Trust in increasing its social impact. Sweeping reforms across governance and a commitment to evaluation and improving impact are aimed at ensuring that the Trust’s new-found success will be sustainable."

Paul Carbury echoed the comments on the Smallwood ethos and the role of the board in attaining turnaround: “We took inspiration from our founder, Edith Smallwood, who created the vision to establish a specific fund for women 130 years ago. The board has been instrumental in helping the Trust re-connect with Edith’s founding principles. As current CEO I would like to pay tribute to the board for their drive, ambition and skillful stewardship is helping us to continue to learn and respond, especially in the current climate where many women will be adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis.”

Source: Smallwood Trust