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Stress, burnout and wellbeing among UK dentists

The BDA Benevolent Fund is receiving an increased demand for their help, echoing a recently published report into the high levels of stress and burnout in the profession arising from the pressure of regulation and fear of litigation.

Professor Ros Keeton, Chairman of the BDA benevolent fund says: “I don’t think there is a dentist in the UK that isn’t already aware that they are a member of a profession with a high level of occupational stress. Many of us will have experienced this sort of stress or know and are concerned about colleagues who are".

“Research published recently in the BDJ entitled “Stressed and Distressed - are dentists burning out?” provided a stark picture of a profession in crisis. The extremely high levels of stress and burnout identified in this survey well exceeded previous research and raised fears in all of us about the wellbeing and future of our profession.

“It is therefore unsurprising that we saw applications to the charity virtually double in 2018 in comparison to the years before.

"We are committed to responding quickly and sympathetically to all applications. Urgent help is given within 48 hours. Along with the important financial support we provide we also offer a place to come for information and a listening ear to all our dentists and their families. We work with them, help them with their worries and provide them a safe and confidential place to talk. This is a vital part of what we do.”

Read British Dentists Journal - A survey of stress, burnout and well-being in UK dentists