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Talk Money Week 2018 12th–18th November 2018

Talk Money Week (formerly Financial Capability Week) is the annual celebration of the work thousands of organisations are doing to improve money management across the UK. It is an annual event which takes place in mid-November, organised as part of the Financial Capability Strategy for the UK.

Throughout the week, organisations will encourage their customers to talk about money, showcase their services and lead the charge to make their work more effective, by turning evidence of what works into action at scale.

 How ACO members can get involved:

  • Run sessions in a new outreach location, or offer taster sessions to new partners/audiences.
  • Celebrate with your clients – invite clients you’ve helped over the year to get together and share the difference that your support has made.
  • Organise a Talk Money Week challenge – perhaps you could challenge your clients to a ‘no spend’ day, start a savings challenge, or see how much you could help people save by switching or shopping around.
  • Organise a best practice session with other local practitioners to share what you are doing and explore ways to work together more effectively. Learn from other local projects, and help them learn from you – share what is working well, which resources have you found to be effective, which techniques are most successful with clients, what challenges do you have?
  • Make a commitment to review and improve your service delivery – use evidence and learn from the What Works Fund to make your services more effective.
  • Use Talk Money Week to announce new partnerships or service developments that show how you are scaling up or improving your work.

 To join this national campaign, please contact for more information and we’d also like to add you to our Talk Money Map. Alternatively visit the Talk Money Week website or #TalkMoney