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Last updated December 2020


Tapsimple - Tapsimple

TapSimple offers a range of fundraising and event focused products, aimed at helping charities and other voluntary sector organisations raise more money in support of great causes. We provide a full suite of products and services, including:

  • Event ticketing: Ideal for in-person or virtual events. Customise your event with branded emails and manage ticket sales and        attendees
  • Video Conferencing: Host your event with TapSimple’s video conferencing platform or integrate a live stream
  • Online Donations: Give to the causes you care about before, during or after an event
  • Contactless / Chip & Pin: Maximise your community fundraising efforts or take payments at special events with TapSimple’s ‘Clip’ product

All of these are centred around a powerful backend reporting dashboard making it easy for a fundraiser or volunteer to manage and optimise their fundraising efforts from one place.