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ACO Publications - Young woman reading a book in a large library
Last updated August 2014


Read our latest publications relating to the benevolent charity sector and the work of our members

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Benchmarking Report 2014

ACO in Partnership with Turn2us have published a revealing report about charitable practice . The report will enable charities to review their performance against similar funds in the sector and be an invaluable tool for impact measurement and future planning..

Benchmarking Report 2014 - Scene showing graphs and charts printed out and on screen

Survey Report 2013

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) has released a “State of the Sector” research report “Changing for Good” that highlights the challenges faced by benevolent funds and trusts and foundations providing grants to people in need. These include the changing patterns of need as a response to financial austerity and fears of more pressure on charitable funds due to welfare reform.

ACO Changing for good report - Sample pages from the ACO publication 'Changing for good'