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Charity for Civil Servants - Charity for Civil Servants

The Charity for Civil Servants launch wellbeing app

Launched on #TimeToTalkDay, the charity developed a Managerial Wellbeing Guide App to enable managers to better support their teams.

The app contains best practice and ideas from civil servants themselves alongside a range of useful links and resources to help managers support the wellbeing of their team through periods of change and transition.

Change happens all the time. It offers the opportunity for improvement and growth, but we all respond in different ways to the challenges presented. In 2019, the Charity embarked upon a piece of research in partnership with the think tank Demos to explore the impact of change and transition on the wellbeing of the workforce, from everyday movements of staff and resources to significant policy change.

Working alongside Civil Service HR, The Charity for Civil Servants Wellbeing Guide app has been designed as a result of this research as a way to share resources and best practice for managers to support their teams through periods of adjustment.

Launched 6 February in conjunction with Time to Talk Day 2020, the charity believes that maintaining a focus on wellbeing during times of change can offer valuable benefits for everyone involved.

Source: The Charity for Civil Servants