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Last updated May 2017

The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership is a recognised best-practice, home-visit solicitor-provided Will service, guaranteeing coverage across all postcodes within England & Wales.

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TGP works closely in partnership with many UK charities & professional organisations, who promote awareness of the scheme to their supporters and members.  Alongside this, our charity partners also offer TGP to individuals who have made enquiries about leaving a gift in their Will to charity or when speaking to their supporters about the importance of legacy income.

The Goodwill Partnership offers great value for money with its lowest price guarantee as well as the convenience of a free home-visit consultation service, whether that be daytime, evening or at the weekend.

The cost of a single Will is £98 + VAT.  The price for a partner's or spouse’s Will is £96 + VAT.   We strive to maintain this rate but there can be additional charges if the testator requires something more complicated. An example of this would be the addition of a Disabled Discretionary Trust or a Protective Property Trust. Compared to many solicitors and Will writers this still affords excellent value at £95 plus vat per Trust.

If the supporter or member opts to use the Goodwill Partnership, they can contact us by telephone (we have dedicated numbers for most of our partners) or online, or via our new SMS text service and request a call back to arrange a home-visit appointment.

The supporter is visited by a trained Will counsellor who will take the Will instructions, using our solicitor approved instruction forms and pass them on to our network panel of solicitors, all of whom specialise in estate and probate law. If there is any uncertainty, the solicitor will call the client directly.

During the consultation, the client will be asked if they wish to leave a legacy.  If they respond positively, The Goodwill Partnership will ask the customers permission to share this information with the named charity and whether the donor’s personal details can be passed on.

To avoid any accusation of undue influence, this is a paid for service between The Goodwill Partnership and the testator. We recommend that the Partnership be promoted alongside other ways of writing a Will such as contacting a local solicitor or speaking to the Law Society.  Either way, the end result is a solicitor-provided Will, regulated by The Law Society.

The Goodwill Partnership will supply the charity / partner with a monthly report, enabling them to gauge the success of their Will writing and legacy strategy.

There is no cost to join The Goodwill Partnership.

Wills are typically paid for by the Supporter or Member, however some of our partners choose to subsidise or fully fund this cost on behalf of the individual.

What are the next steps?

We would recommend a meeting between us, so that we can discuss how The Goodwill Partnership can help you and also, answer any questions that you may have.  Where appropriate, we will also be able to share with you, further information & some of our results to date.

 For further information, please contact:

Mark Jackson


The Goodwill Partnership

T: 01296 680463

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