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Journalist Charity - Journalist Charity
Last updated September 2021

The Journalists’ Charity's new partnership to support future talent

The Journalists’ Charity has announced a new partnership with the National Council for the Training of Journalists aimed at boosting support for journalists and trainees.

Following the recent launch of their first jobs fund – which provides financial assistance to new journalists, the charity is extending its support offer with a donation to the NCTJ’s Journalism Diversity Fund. Now in its sixteenth year, the scheme provides financial support with the cost of training for individuals from financially challenged and diverse backgrounds. More than 90% of recipients go on to complete their qualifications and get a job in journalism.

Support from the Journalists’ Charity will initially fund two bursaries, helping to develop future talent at a time of rising debt and increasing costs. The new partnership will also bring added benefits, including the opportunity to sign-post the charity’s unique financial assistance offer to journalists who are unaware that help is available.

James Brindle, the Journalists’ Charity’s CEO said, “The journalism diversity fund is one of the industry’s big success stories so it’s great for the charity to get involved and play our part. The fact that the fund is oversubscribed makes the charity’s contribution all the more important.

“Working closely with the NCTJ will help the charity to give more support to journalists who need us, and right now, that’s more important than ever.”

Source: The Journalists’ Charity