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The National Emergencies Trust - The National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust – building the NETwork

We spoke with The National Emergencies Trust, who launched in 2019 to improve the fundraising and distribution of funds during national disasters.

During the significant events of 2017, from the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London to Grenfell Tower, there was some incredible work done by the voluntary and community sector to support survivors.  However, there were also some areas where the response could have been improved and this led to a review by the Charity Commission.  A key finding was the need to improve the way fundraising and distribution was coordinated.  This led to the launch of the National Emergencies Trust (NET), an independent charity, in November 2019.  Its role is to harness the generosity of the British public at a time of major domestic disaster by launching a single national appeal, and then work collaboratively with the sector to ensure that survivors are able to access funds as quickly as possible.

Helping survivors at their time of greatest need

Survivors often find it difficult to know who to turn to in the tragic aftermath of a national emergency. NET will be there to provide a single point of contact to apply for financial help with a simple application process. Financial awards will be made to survivors efficiently, avoiding the bureaucracy of multiple applications. NET will also provide financial support for charities who are supporting survivors in the aftermath of a disaster. NET aims to distribute money transparently and to reduce the opportunities for fraud.

Working collaboratively with the sector

NET will work with local distribution partners such as community foundations and local charities to ensure financial support gets to the individuals or organisations that need it most. Those partners will work within parameters agreed with NET to distribute funds with both care and speed.

In the aftermath of any disaster, NET will report back on how the money raised was spent, and work collaboratively with others in the sector to learn lessons and make recommendations on improving the emergency response.

Help NET to build its capacity to support survivors

Since its launch NET has been ready to activate during a national emergency.  However, NET is a small team that depends heavily on a ‘pop-up’ capability at the moment of activation, relying on technology and pre-agreed process, and relationships with key organisations.  A key component of this pop-up capability is grant-making and NET is looking to expand its pool of experienced grant-makers who will provide support as volunteers during a national emergency.

NET’s Chair, Lord Dannatt, states, “NET is a charity that never wants to have to fulfil its purpose and whilst mercifully infrequent we sadly know that large scale disasters can and do occur. We are looking for volunteer grant-makers who share our passion and commitment and who will help us to work with the wider voluntary and community charity sector to ensure the nation is prepared to respond to a future disaster”.  At the time of a domestic disaster, NET will allocate funds to local distribution partners who will in turn ensure that funds are delivered to survivors and communities as quickly as possible. The grant-makers role will be to support local grant-making capacity to ensure applications are processed efficiently and reflect NET’s value core value of compassion.

Join the NET team

Could you help to ensure the nation is prepared the next time a major domestic disaster occurs?   If you think you have the experience we need and want to help NET to develop community resilience across the country they would be delighted to hear from you.  To find out more, please email and ask for a secondee pack.  The NET will provide full training to all suitable applicants.