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ABF The Soldiers' Charity Operation Bletchley - Graphics supporting the ABF initiative

The Soldiers’ Charity’s virtual challenge

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity ran Operation Bletchley, a virtual codebreaking challenge that anyone could take part in around the world using their phone or fitness tracker, to raise awareness and funds.

Set in 1941 in the midst of World War 2, the challenge tasked participants to help secure a new line of communication from Bletchley Park to the cabinet war rooms in London. They challenged people throughout July to travel a 50 mile route on foot, which could be completed over several occasions as long as the 50 miles was completed within the month. Every five miles they would meet a virtual agent, and receive an email with a code to crack, with the goal to deliver the final message to Winston Churchill once the route was complete by the end of July.

Participants paid £10 to register for the challenge, with optional sponsorship to allow the opportunity to raise additional funds, which was donated to the charity.

Source: ABF The Soldier’s Charity