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The Solicitors’ Charity highlights the legal profession’s caring nature

The legal profession gives back as The Solicitors’ Charity sees over 300 percent increase in JustGiving donations in 2020

Although forming a small fraction of the charity’s fundraising efforts, its donations via JustGiving typically come from individuals, rather than legal firms, wanting to contribute to the charity’s efforts to help those in need.

For the period of January to June 2020, £4840 was donated via the platform compared to £1128 for the same period in 2019. Significantly April 2020 saw donations of £2706 compared to £66 in 2019.

Nick Gallagher, CEO of The Solicitors’ Charity said: “What is clear from the change in these figures, is that many in the legal profession are looking out for their peers during challenging times. The increase in donations in April happened once lockdown was enforced and people were already being adversely affected. Whilst these donations will form a relatively small part of the help that we provide this year, to see the change in the behaviour of the profession to help each other is a huge positive to take from difficult times.”

The Solicitors’ Charity continues to highlight its additional support to those affected by the pandemic and the funds available via its Personal Hardship Fund. This fund is specifically for those affected by coronavirus who have exhausted other options such as government and statutory support or mortgage holidays.

Nick added: “The additional measures we have put in place have resulted in many applications from those finding themselves in unexpected circumstances. The fund is still very much open. We are here to help those in serious financial difficulty with nowhere else to turn during this time and hope the fund can provide some relief and reduce the stress and worry many in the profession may currently be experiencing.”

Source: The Solicitor’s Charity