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Turn2us launch Stand Together crisis appeal

The national poverty charity has launched an emergency crisis appeal after receiving a 520% increase in pleas for help from people facing financial devastation thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The charity, which gives millions of pounds each year in direct grants to people in need, has been overwhelmed with calls to its helpline and visits to its website for information and support. This includes almost a quarter of a million households (242,000) in the UK that have checked their benefit entitlements using our online Benefits Calculator: a 520% increase from two weeks ago.

  • 246,000 children from 290,000 households are now living in households facing uncertain future.
  • Over half (185,000) of these people are employed or self-employed and worried about the impact of Covid-19 on their ability to earn a living.
  • The charity has had an 1800% increase in self-employed workers checking benefits, given government has not yet given adequate protection
  • Over 40,000 people have used the charity’s Benefits Calculator to look for short-term financial aid through our grants search tool in the past week – almost double the usual rate.

A projected one million people are expected to lose their jobs due to the pandemic, and almost three million people have already had their pay or hours reduced.

The Turn2us Coronavirus Appeal will provide crisis grants to help people who are unable to work and who need money to pay bills or make essential purchases.

Tom Lawson, chief executive of Turn2us, comments: “The devastation caused by the coronavirus is widespread and will be felt for years to come.   For people already on low incomes, it’s going to push them further into financial crisis; while people who have been comfortably off before will be pushed to the breadline because of it.

“As a charity, we strive do our best to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.  But at this time everyone must to pull together to meet this unprecedented need. We are urging everyone in a position to help to please do so; and to do so fast. We already give millions of pounds in cash grants to people across the country get by; and we’re offering support and guidance on how to cope to millions more. Through this appeal, we plan to expand this support and help as many people as possible get through this crisis without hitting rock bottom.”

Source: Turn2us