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Upcoming Online Events - July and August 2020

We are pleased to launch details of our summer programme of online events. Register your attendance below to be provided with Zoom access details.

ACO CEO Forum (Zoom webinar) - Friday 17 July 2020 (11am - 12pm)

COVID-19 has had a seismic impact on charities across the sector, and sustainability is now a critical factor for many in building their short and medium-term planning.

This session will provide a platform for charity leaders amongst benevolent funds/grantmakers to discuss their experiences in traversing the financial, operational and human hurdles this crisis has presented, and share how they are working to map out post-Covid strategies that will enable them to continue to effectively support their beneficiaries.

Register on Eventbrite to obtain Zoom access details.

Working with International Beneficiaries (Zoom webinar) - Thursday 30 July 2020 (11am - 12pm)

A significant number of ACO members support international beneficiaries and this session will provide an opportunity to share their experiences and best practice around a range of common issues, including:

 how Funds assess international applications for “need”;

 to what financial level are payments made if grants are awarded;

 how grants are calculated;

 sharing country specific knowledge between funds;

The webinar will also provide a platform to build connections between charities supporting beneficiaries on an international basis.

Register here on Eventbrite for Zoom access details

Connecting with Potential Beneficiaries (Zoom Webinar) - Wednesday 26 August (11am-12pm)

One of the challenges we often hear benevolent funds & grant-making charities face is how to effectively connect with potential beneficiaries who may be unaware that they are eligible for support. This can often be for a range of factors such as digital inclusion and lack of profile amongst referral agencies.

Through case study examples, shared best practice and group discussion, this session will look at how charities can maximise opportunities to build awareness amongst their target beneficiaries.

Register here on Eventbrite for Zoom access details