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St Walburga’s Catholic Primary School - School entrance arch

Veteran contenders take on sports day pupils

Residents of Friends of the Elderly’s Bournemouth care home challenged children from St Walburga’s Catholic Primary School to sports day games.

Six residents from the Retired Nurses National Home (RNNH), aged between 73 and 98, visited the school to join the reception class for their sports and games. During the event, the residents competed in the egg and spoon race, javelin throwing and a parachute challenge.

RNNH is run by Friends of The Elderly. It has forged close links with St Walburga’s over the past few years. Every week, 15 children from the reception class visit and take part in activities with the residents. RNNH Activity Co-ordinator Robert Paton said it’s something they all look forward to.

Robert said: “We love having the children here, they bring so much fun and laughter with them. Our residents love to do crafting, learning and sports activities with them, there’s always something new to enjoy. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, such as Grace Eaton who came to sports day, we’re able to go to visit the school too from time-to-time.”

Source: Friends of the Elderly