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Welcome to Hope & May

We welcome data protection specialists Hope & May as ACO's newest corporate partners.

Hope and May – Data Protection law

Hope and May offer everything your organisation needs to be compliant with data protection law anywhere in the world. Despite Brexit, international cross border processing will be of the upmost importance in the future. The services include policy audits that review and update compliance critical documents along with bespoke in-house training geared to each organisation’s specific requirements.  But possibly the most important Hope & May service provided to charities is GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) representation.

The team at Hope & May have more experience than most representing charities as their DPO. But many organisations are not sure they need a DPO because the official guidance isn’t clear. To determine whether you need a DPO one thing to consider is the type of information you are processing. There are two types, regular data and special category data. The latter includes all the really sensitive information about you including, your physical and mental health, religious and philosophical beliefs, your sexuality and sex life and biometric and genetic information. Where any of this information is gathered processed and stored it is very likely that you would benefit from having a DPO. Conclusive evidence shows that if you have a breach of the law when processing this type of data, the regulator will always investigate and consequently there is an elevated risk of enforcement action.

Having on demand advice and guidance from an impartial source helps to avoid such incidents and minimise the risks. Hope & May offer easily accessible advice 7 days a week via its telephone helpline. The service includes immediate news updates and regular face to face and virtual DPO meetings. Data Protection policies are constantly reviewed and updated, and unlimited staff training is provided. Most importantly you benefit from a reassuring, friendly, reliable and straightforward service endorsed by the NCVO, Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Directory for Social Change.

So if you want to sleep better knowing you have the best affordable advice and guidance on data protection law, please contact Hope & May on 0330 111 0013 or go to the website at