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Wellbeing at your fingertips

The Retail Trust have finished building the first phase of a mobile app for their retailHUB service. The app is now live on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

The main aim for the first phase was to support the offering of the retailTRUST and allow its users to easily find information and contact the charity directly. They are already working on the second phase, which will see the mobile app linking to the retailTRUST website. This new feature will ensure that information is pulled through from the charity's new site using a custom built API, meaning that all the information will be consistent and can be controlled from one place.

The Retail Trust's new retailHUB app is now available to download from all iOS and Android devices. Offering advice on emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing, the retailHUB app allows individuals to access content and seek further guidance on any concerns they may have.

User feedback has been positive:

  • "Very easy and clear to navigate"
  • "Great for the different problems an individual may be experiencing"

Source: Retail Trust