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What do businesses need to do to prepare?

When the UK leaves the EU there may be changes to the rules governing the use of personal data. This will affect organisations that operate internationally or exchange personal data with organisations in other countries.

As a priority, UK businesses need to review their international data flows to identify any personal data they receive from the EEA. For example an international transfer of personal data could be: where UK companies use centralised or outsourced HR services in the EEA to process employee and payroll details; or receiving customer information from the EEA, such as names and addresses, in order to provide goods or services.

UK businesses, with their EEA partners, need to consider what GDPR safeguards they can put in place to ensure that personal data can continue to flow from the EEA to the UK once we have left the EU.

The GDPR sets out a range of different options that allow organisations to make restricted transfers, including appropriate safeguards.

Read Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy  - Guidance: Using personal data after Brexit