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World Suicide Prevention Day: Why we must work together

People still believe suicide is something that will never affect them, but the stark figures on suicide suggest otherwise, and World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th aimed to make people realise that every single one of us has a part to play.

The subject of suicide makes lots of people feel very uncomfortable. Even though the issue of mental health and common problems such as stress, anxiety and depression are much more widely acknowledged and talked about these days, it seems like suicide is taboo.

That’s why this Suicide Prevention Day, Lionheart were reminding RICS professionals that talking can save lives, and that an expert team is just a phone call away.

The numbers of RICS professionals contacting LionHeart because they are affected by mental ill health, including depression or anxiety, are also rising – last year these accounted for 15% of calls to the helpline, compared to 14% about physical ill-health or disability.

LionHeart’s professional counselling team supported 40% more clients last year, and support officers also helped a great many more people through all kinds of difficult times.

Read Tim Harvey's story - My father's suicide and what I've learnt on the Lionheart website.