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Last updated January 2018

Yoke & Co

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Yoke & Co was founded with the simple aim of helping charities of all sizes effectively manage their assets and make the most of them, however they want to use them.

We provide a framework for trustees and staff of charities to navigate their finances, giving them confidence in a variety of decisions. We believe that such advice requires deep and extensive experience of charities and finance, absolute integrity and a passion to make sure that it is the trustees of a charity who are in control of its activities, not anyone else.

Growing regulation and demand on charities is placing an increasing burden on those who manage not-for-profit groups in the UK and lay trustees can sometimes feel marginalised when participating in these technical decisions – and that is not right. We do not aim to change the way you run your charity for the sake of it. Our work involves getting to the heart of the organisation, to understand the interaction of the charity’s reserves, financial objectives and spending plans. We help charities better understand their financial levers which in turn leads to clearer governance and a better relationship with your existing advisors.

We do this by reviewing the charity’s activities and ambitions, policies and procedures and lay out the critical issues simply, clearly and in lay terms. This helps charities remove some of the stress from those discussions. We concentrate on decisions that are ‘upstream’ of implementation, especially when trustees have to first identify the question they need to answer and only then decide between themselves on the preferred answer. An example would be key questions such as their ‘attitude to risk’ which they will inevitably be asked.

We refer to these as ‘upstream’ decisions because trustees cannot successfully implement new strategies unless they all share a common understanding of these preliminary questions. Yoke & Co can also, if required, help with some of the more downstream decisions too, such as choosing an investment manager or a bank.

It may be that a CEO can clearly see what the charity needs to do to achieve its potential, but without the support of a Finance Director, is unable to convince Trustees that it is the correct course of action. Yoke and Co’s depth of experience can often help unlock this impasse by examining and independently reporting on a new approach or idea, allowing the charity and its CEO to realise the charity’s full potential.

We often concentrate on discussions about risk appetite including the consequences of things going both right and wrong. We believe that if trustees understand the issues with confidence, they will be able to make sound, often simple and straightforward strategic decisions which will endure for longer and with more success. These are often framed by policies charities should have in place covering financial objectives, liquidity, investments reserves, alongside their ethical or moral underpinning.

One of Yoke & Co’s key skills is to simplify complex issues into terms that lay trustees will understand and engage with. This requires an expert understanding of how both professional financiers approach a problem as well as how trustees and their CEO’s approach the same issue. We can do this because we are immersed in the world of trusteeship and charity finance and can translate easily in either direction.

We usually produce a short report or letter for the CEO or trustees, or both, in which we set out the issues as they have been described to us. We then identify the underlying questions and present them clearly so that they can be answered easily. In our experience, the problem lies not in finding the right answer but in finding the right question. Once that is done the answers are often easy and obvious.

We would be delighted to have an initial discussion to see how we can help your charity. Please contact Guy Davies on 07866 314400 or email

For further information on Yoke please visit our website